The TRUTH behind Garcinia Cambogia: The Most Trending Product in the Media

In Rogue Denver, we are truly worried about the influence of marketing strategies for promoting weight-losing products. And since Garcinia Cambogia is the trending topic of the moment, we have decided to go out of our comfort zone to find out the true about this so promising supplement.

This is the reason why in this article, we will explain you:

What is Garcinia Cambogia and why it has become so popular?

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit originated from the south of India and Indonesia. Due to its astringents and antibiotic properties, natives have passed its use as a natural medication from generation to generation.

Nevertheless, its popularity has risen because of its capacity of eliminating body fat excesses. This fruit contains a great amount of hydroxycitric acid (or better known as HCA), which inhibits the ATP citrate liasa enzyme, the one guilty of creating lipids and accumulating fat excesses.

It’s well known that Garcinia Cambogia was put in the spotlight after Dr. Oz talked about it on his TV show. From that moment on, many new products that contained this special ingredient were launched to the market under the promise of easily reducing overweight.

This is why we decided to investigate a bit more about its characteristics and its features to find out with more precision how it works. In order to do that, we have conducted a study with most of the products that are currently available in the market that use Garcinia Cambogia as their main ingredient. We break down their ingredients and determine the detonating factor for losing weight.

How does HCA work?

The HCA or hydroxycitric acid is the active ingredient of the Garcinia Cambogia’s fruit. This is the key for inhibiting the adenosine triphosphate citrate extramitochondrial enzyme (pro-3s)

This enzyme is the one in charge of the body’s lipogenesis or fat accumulation. However, its function is limited by the HCA, it’s the principle of reducing overweight and preventing fat formation.

The HCA also contributes to producing a highly more effective glucose, which leads to a faster fullness sensation. This is why we say it’s a key ingredient. Any Garcinia Cambogia supplement must contain at least a 50% concentration of this product. Otherwise, it would be impossible to lose weight.

What have we found out?

In Rogue Denver, we have conducted our own research on the supplements that are based on this apparently magical fruit to provide you with true and quality information. Our little investigation focuses on the following main points:

During this investigation, many brands were immediately discarded for finding themselves in one or in many of these problematic scenarios:

  • Insufficiency of HCA concertation in the pills tested: The HCA or hydroxycitric acid is the natural principle of the Garcinia Cambogia, it’s known at the moment for having fat burning They must have at least a 50% concentration on every pill. Many of these products have less than this amount, that’s why most of them don’t work.
  • They contain additives and artificial preservatives: the quality of this principle has been affected by the presence of additives and artificial preservatives, which seriously interfere with the functions of the HCA. In general, they are just the results of a bad-quality production process.
  • Not very clear labels: many products that are said to be made from Garcinia Cambogia do not specify on their labels, the exact composition of the product.

Those were some of the points that got our attention the most (and definitely not in a very good way).

“So many Garcinias!”

At the beginning, the list of products that constituted the population of the investigation was extremely large. But! We decided to follow some universal standards about weight losing pills. Therefore, we also decided we wanted to learn about:

  • The level of effectiveness: even though the specific characteristics of each fat-burning product are important, they are not what matter the most, what everyone is trying to find is a pill that actually works. For that reason, we tested many of these products with a group of volunteers and we took records of how much time it takes for each of them to deliver noticeable results and we determined which had a better performance during the first month.
  • Cost-benefit relationship: the price the user has to pay it’s also incredibly important. This is why we compared the quality of the product to its cost, and if it is adjusted to the average income of the majority of the population. Products that passed this acid test had just the perfect price.
  • Customer support: The treat given to customers was also a point we took into consideration for this research. We got in touch with some claimed previous buyers of this product and we requested some information from them with the purpose of evaluating their experiences.

What’s the TOP quality Garcinia Cambogia?

It’s very complicated to choose a winner product among that to exist in this innovating industry. Nevertheless, we conducted a fair choosing by following these criteria:

  • Online reputation: tablets with better results have already years of presence in the market and an impeccable online reputation. This meaning, no bad reviews on forums or health blogs.
  • Official certifications: just like the one the FDA gives in the United States, which has a very strict control when it comes to health-related products.
  • Tested by independent organizations: we’re not the first ones and we will definitely not be the last ones to test Garcinia Cambogia. Some other companies have already tested many brands and variations of this product, giving their approval seal to those being sold today.
  • Money-back guarantee: only a company that truly believes in its products offers a money-back guarantee in case the customer feels it didn’t match its expectations. We can confirm that many companies actually do this, it’s not a fairy tale.

Our recommendation: Pure Cambogia Ultra

During the last decades, the leader position when it comes to Garcinia Cambogia products is for Pure Cambogia Ultra. The quality that can be found in every one of its tablets and its amazing customer service are just some of the keys to their success in this industry.

There are its main features:

  • Tablets with an HCA concentration of 60%. This is a basic requirement to take advantage of the fat-burning properties of this fruit. Its concentration delivers the best results.
  • 800mg tablets. The key to achieving a complete absorption of the HCA is to take the less number of tablets possible, it’s very important if you’re going for the weight-losing goal.
  • No additives or chemical conservatives: this product has been manufactured following safety standards, in order to allow an intake that doesn’t interfere with other medical treatments.
  • A guaranteed customer satisfaction: In the case of any inconvenience with this product, you will always have the chance of returning it within the following 90 days of your purchase. This type of guarantee is only offered by the best manufacturers and this is definitely a sign we’re talking about one of them.

When it comes to production and quality, Pure Cambogia Ultra takes the trophy home. A clean reputation regarding its results. An excellent rating on websites related to the Health and Nutrition industries.

As you can see, the only stain in his file is a recent problem they were facing with their distribution operations. We’ve received some small complaints of buyers claiming the product has taken too long to be delivered. This is the reason why we have decided to find an alternative of the same quality as our #2 best choice.

Nonetheless, Pure Cambogia Ultra still keeps the first place due to its extensive experience. Additionally, ever since we recommended for the first time, it’s the only problem it has faced so far. We contacted the supplier to express him our concern and we are certain that they will take care of that situation very quickly.



In conclusion, we put Pure Cambogia Ultra as our definite winner. Even though we have reconsidered our decision considering the current flaws in their distribution process, the quality of this supplement remains unchallenged.

On the next position, we find Garcinia Cambogia Extra, a top-quality product with very promising numbers for the future. But! don’t forget that the most important opinion is yours. Therefore, we welcome any comments that will allow us to better evaluate these products.

Testimonies of previous users of Garcinia Cambogia:

I wanted to lose weight for once and for all, so I decided to get pills of Garcinia Cambogia, but after spending some time researching on the web, I started doubting and did not know which one to buy. Then I ran into this site, where I learned that Pure Cambogia Ultra was the one that suited me. I bought it online and lost 5 pounds in a month, with just a few small changes to my diet “. – Ashton Manning, 34, Calgary, Alberta. Canada.

If you really want to lose weight naturally, but you don’t have enough time or money to do it, then Cambogia Pure Ultra is probably your best alternative. You can get it with free shipping by clicking on the image below.


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From Rogue Denver we honestly hope from you can lose those extra kilos that take you down emotionally and physically.

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